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Braithwaite school celebrates 20 years of ‘But, it’s not like Mrs Dixon’s!’

Liz Dixon with Braithwaite school pupils

For 20 years now, many parents of Braithwaite school pupils have suffered the plaintive cry at teatime of, ‘But, it’s not like Mrs Dixon’s!’ So, who is ‘Mrs Dixon’?

Mrs Dixon (Liz) joined Braithwaite School in September1998.

Twenty years later she is still providing freshly prepared homecooked lunches for staff and children. Her lunches always feature in the Year 6 Leavers service comments as one of the things that they will miss.

Liz has always been adaptable – she has prepared WW1and WW2 lunches, African, Spanish, French themed days, Jubilee and Royal Wedding lunches, packed lunches for school trips, (sometimes even helping on them) and was doing healthy ‘Jamie Oliver’ style home-cooked lunches long before the rest of the country caught up – whilst all the while being able to cater for individual likes, dislikes and allergies!

This is done with endless patience, a focus on high standards and a smile! She helps extend the school’s ‘family’ feel by welcoming local villagers and parents into the school to share lunches (every Thursday) with the pupils, as well as always being ready with tea, sympathy and a listening ear to anyone who might need this.

After 20 years of dedicated service to the school we felt it was about time that Liz received some recognition for everything she does.

This began last year when The Friends of Braithwaite school (FOBS) took time to put together a cookery book dedicated to Mrs Dixon, entitled, ‘But it’s not like Mrs Dixon’s!’ It includes the family favourites of pupils, teachers and sponsors plus some of Mrs Dixon’s favourites. The school then surprised Mrs Dixon during their Harvest Service (Thursday 11th October) with a presentation; a chance to thank her publicly for everything she does for the school!

Mrs Laker, Headteacher, said: “Mrs Dixon is one of the key ingredients that helps makes our school so special. She produces food of such high quality that I choose to eat it too – I miss my Mrs Dixon dinners when I am away from school for the day.”

A special Harvest lunch followed the service with 20 extra guests from the community joining the children to all enjoy a roast beef and Yorkshire pudding main course, followed by apple crumble and custard. Mrs Roper and Mrs Thoburn regularly attend the village lunches and said: “Today’s beef was beautifully tender. We come every week and always a enjoy a lovely meal.”

Jessie (Year 4) commented: ‘I love Mrs Dixon’s food, she’s the best cook ever!’

Stanley (Year 1) said: ‘I love Mrs Dixon’s lunches, they are delicious every day!’

Mrs Dixon was totally surprised by the presentation of flowers, balloons, cards and the gorgeous cake, that was kindly made by one of the parents, Jax Williams. She was also congratulated by staff from Orian, the school’s catering supplier who employ Mrs Dixon to produce the school meals. Mrs Dixon said, “I have really enjoyed the last 20 years and have been so fortunate to have the support of staff, parents and pupils. Thank you to everyone for marking this special occasion and for the gifts, cards and kind thoughts.”


(If you would like to buy a cookery book (£5 each) or would like to join us for school lunch one Thursday, please call Braithwaite school – 78356).

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