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Have your say on proposed changes to Keswick Town Council boundary and number of councillors on Winscales Parish Council

Residents are being encouraged to have their say on two community governance reviews being carried out by Allerdale Borough Council, ahead of the deadline for responses next week.

The first review relates to Keswick town council and changes to the town council boundary. The proposals include making changes to the boundary so that it incorporates land to the north of the town which is currently within Underskiddaw parish and a small area of land to the east, which is currently in St John’s, Castlerigg and Wythburn parish area.

The proposed changes will be presented to town councillors by borough council staff at the Keswick Town Council meeting on Thursday 18 October.

The second review is being carried out into Winscales Parish Council, near Workington. The parish council lost most of its members last year and there were proposals to incorporate Winscales parish within the Workington town council area. However, after an initial consultation, local residents expressed a desire to keep Winscales as a parish council.

This second stage Winscales consultation proposes keeping the parish council as it is with seven members. The legal minimum number of councillors for a parish council is five.

Anyone wishing to find out more and wish to comment, should go to Allerdale Borough Council’s website: and follow the links. Hard copies of the consultations are available from the Electoral Services team by calling 01900 702 550.

The deadline for responses to both reviews is 23 October 2018.

Joan Ellis, Allerdale Borough Council’s Executive member with responsibility for governance, said: “It’s vitally important everyone who wants to have their say on these matters, so I’d encourage anyone who has a view to respond to the consultation.”

The governance reviews are being carried out by task groups of Allerdale councillors who represent the areas in question on the borough council. Their recommendations will be considered and decided on by the borough council’s full Council.

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