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Wigton social club has license suspended

West Street Social Club

West Street Social Club on West Street, Wigton, has had its license suspended following an alleged criminal incident which occurred at the venue on Saturday night (13 Oct).

Cumbria Police has conducted an emergency review of the venue’s liquor license and a hearing has taken place today (17 Oct) of Allerdale Borough Council’s Licensing Committee which has resulted in a 28-day suspension of the license. The suspension has been put in place pending a full review.

Over the course of the next 28 days the police will submit a full file of evidence with a view to either putting in place stringent conditions with the aim of making sure the venue can be run safely in future or revoking the license permanently.

Sergeant Mitchell Franks of West Cumbria Licensing, said: “Licensed premises should be safe environments for people to socialise responsibly.

“If a licensee cannot ensure the safety of patrons then police will use all necessary legislation to force them to do so or seek to close the premises.”

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