Cumbria Crack

Hull City goalkeeper admits speeding on A66

Carlisle Magistrates Court

A professional footballer has been “clocked” speeding on the A66 in Cumbria.

Magistrates in Carlisle were told how David Marshall, 33, who is a goalkeeper playing for Championship side,  Hull City, was driving his BMW car at 51-miles per hour on the A66 trunk road at Kirkby Thore, on March 10 at approximately 7.55pm.

The legal limit on that section of road is 40mph, he was caught by a static police speed camera device.

The court was told that Marshall pleaded guilty to speeding by letter,  he did not attend court,  but his solicitors sent a letter to the court which gave a statement saying that, their client [Marshall] had incurred substantial expenses in legal fees already which were paid privately.

The court was given an address in Motherwell for the player; magistrates were also made aware that is salary is over £9k per week.

He has also played for the Scotland National team.

Magistrates imposed a fine of £1,000, this was reduced for his early guilty plea, he will have to pay £660, with court costs of £85 plus a victim’s surcharge of £66, three-penalty-points were placed on his licence.

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