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City council’s Community Asset Transfer Policy now in force

A new Carlisle City Council policy that sets out how local communities can take over and run an asset in their local area is now in force.

The Community Asset Transfer Policy (CAT) was developed through a Business and Transformation scrutiny panel task force and has been agreed by the council’s Executive.

The Policy and it’s accompany documents provides a guide for local communities.

Community Asset Transfer is the transfer of land, buildings or structures (assets) owned by a public body to community/voluntary groups or social enterprises. That group or organisation then becomes responsible for running, managing, and maintaining it, including all the associated costs.

The Community Asset Transfer Policy and accompanying documents are based on research and consultation undertaken by the task group and lead officers. The CAT policy and processes provide a clear framework for asset transfers, helping to identify the resources required to implement the process and who will lead on these at each stage.

Cllr Marilyn Bowman, speaking on behalf the Task and Finish group, said: “Carlisle City Council is committed to forming long-term partnerships with local communities and organisations wishing to take over the running and management of council owned assets. Organisations can approach us at any time to express their interest in an asset transfer.”

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