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Final week of engagement for first stage of Penrith Masterplan process

Penrith Beacon

The first stage of the public engagement process for the Penrith Strategic Masterplan – A Vision to 2050 is now entering its final week and closes on Friday 2 November 2018.

The public can have their say on the proposals by visiting and completing the online survey or by attending the final public engagement event at Penrith Leisure Centre on Tuesday 30 October from 5pm-7pm.

A Spokesman for EDC said: “The Council would just like to reiterate, that following the recent announcement made by the owners of the Beacon (Lowther and Lonsdale Estates) to withdraw their proposals for any mixed used development on commercial forestry land at the back of the Beacon, these proposals now do not form part of the Penrith Strategic Masterplan public engagement process.

“The Penrith Strategic Masterplan – A Vision to 2050 currently has no legal status, it is just a proposal document and no decisions have been taken about its future, as the document is still part of a public engagement process until Friday 2 November 2018.

“Once the public engagement process concludes then the analysis of the engagement responses will focus on the material that relates to other aspects of the Masterplan such as the proposals for the three new villages and employment land to the north of Penrith.

“The feedback from the engagement exercise will be analysed and an external organisation will undertake an independent review of the engagement process. An interim report will be taken to the Council’s Executive in December reporting on the engagement, including an overview of the process used and how many people were engaged. The Scrutiny Co-ordinating Board will be asked to comment on the outcomes of the engagement.

“Eden District Council remains 100% committed to improving the social economic environmental well-being of Eden residents. A further announcement on the next steps will be made after the December meeting of Eden’s Executive. Any proposals will take account of the socio economic and demographic factors that are outlined in the introduction to the Masterplan.”

Keep Penrith Special spokesman Adrian Hill said: “This just indicates the ludicrous contortions which Eden District Council are going through in order to defend the indefensible.

“They might as well admit the whole Consultation was unlawful and that it has to be scrapped. They are nearly there. It is of course up to a Judge to decide on the merits of our claim.

“Our Solicitor’s letter sets out our demands, these are we require EDC to take the following steps:

(a) Undertake not to place any further reliance upon the present Consultation.

(b) Undertake not to make any application for Garden Community funding in respect of this land that makes any reference to this Consultation.

(c) Undertake not to take any steps in furtherance of the Masterplan that makes any reference to the Consultation.

(d) Undertake to carry out and publish an independent review of the Masterplan and Consultation to advise how they can be re-cast to avoid the potential for reporting unrepresentative views as described above.

“On Thursday our lawyers sent Eden District Council what is called a Pre Action Protocol letter. Our claim and our demands are set out in that letter.”

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