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‘Remembered’ – 11th of the 11th

‘Remembered’ will be performed by members of Eden Valley Artistic Network (EVAN) members to mark the 100th anniversary of the Armistice of The Great War 1914 – 1918. There’ll be original songs, penned by local musicians, and music with a more contemporary response to that of the era. But really it’s all about community, our community, our response to events one hundred years ago. ‘Remembered’, will have its poignant moments, respecting the memory of all too many lives lost. The world then was changing very quickly and this will be reflected, not just with music, but dancing from Swingdance Cumbria, poetry performances from Penrith Players, community singing, a chance to step back in time and then move forward with hope.

It will be performed at The George Hotel on 11th November, starting at 8pm, continuing on from the Lighting the Beacon Trail.

There will also be a special Remembrance exhibition at the EVAN gallery, 4 Corney Place, Penrith, which will be open from 1pm, 11th-17th Nov, featuring work from several local artists reflecting their response to events of The Great War. This exhibition will include the iconic near life size ‘Tommy’ (the original Silent Soldier) silhouette. ‘There but not there’ is part of a national movement to say thank you to the First World War generation who served, sacrificed, rebuilt and changed the nation.

The whole project is part of the developing partnership of EVAN with Penrith Town Council. It is hoped that the local community might come together to remember our ancestors within an evening of music, dance and spoken word and Art Exhibition exploring the sentiments of those who lived through it and how it still affects us today.

Entry to all events is free, but if possible please reserve your tickets for The George evening performance from EVAN Gallery, 4 Corney Place, Penrith.

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