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First Tournament in National Division 2

L-R: Katie Farley, Caitlin Fox, Tim Mather, Jack Dunn, Chris Archer & Hilary Clarke

Having been promoted for the last 2 seasons, Penrith Canoe Club A team travelled to Leeds for the first of their canoe polo tournaments in National Division 2.

There were some nerves as we weren’t sure if we would be out of our depth.

However, in the first game against Kingston, from Hull, it was a very tight game and we only just lost 2-3 with a Kingston goal in the last minute.

Penrith goals from Jack Dunn & Tim Mather. In the second game against Trentham A from Stoke, we grew in confidence and drew 2-2 with goals from Jack Dunn & Katie Farley.

In the third game against White Rose from Leeds, Penrith were really organised and won 4-1 with 2 goals from Caitlin Fox, 1 from Jack Dunn and 1 from Katie Farley. However as the tournament progressed, Penrith got more tired and unfortunately played the 2 top teams in the league at the end.

Penrith lost 4-1 to FOA from Liverpool, who are a very organised team, then lost 8-0 to Titans who are a very strong team from Edinburgh and who finished the tournament clear league leaders.

Overall it was a successful first tournament as Penrith only felt out of their depth in the last game. All the other games were closely fought, demonstrating the progress that Penrith have made over the last few years.

Tournament 1 of 3 in National Div 2, 2018-19 season.

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