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PM has betrayed Brexit voters, says MEP

MEP Paul Nuttall asked today why since Theresa May famously said a ‘no deal’ Brexit was better than ‘a bad deal’, she has come up with a bad deal?

“This is just another betrayal by the Prime Minister of the 17.4m who voted to leave the EU. She has also said “Brexit means Brexit’. But as we all feared they were just more empty words.

“She is tearing the cabinet, as well as the country, apart, and well done to Dominic Raab for being a man of principle and resigning.

“This is a weak deal to say the very least and not what the people voted for. It has been negotiated by a Prime Minister and British negotiators who have never wanted to leave so we should not be surprised.

“II don’t see how she can continue as Prime Minister. Loyal Conservative Party members must be tearing up their membership cards like confetti and Jeremy Corbyn planning his colour scheme for Number 10.

“I expect the deal to be in tatters within the week, as it deserves to be.

“We voted to leave, not ifs or buts, and here we are presented with a dog’s dinner of a deal which would leave us in a situation almost as bad as staying in the EU,” said Mr Nuttall, North West UKIP Euro-MP.

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