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Cumbria Constabulary welcomes first direct entry Inspector to the force

Insp John Bradley

Today (Monday 19th November), sees Cumbria Constabulary welcome John Bradley, Cumbria’s first direct entry Inspector, recruited from the College of Policing’s, National Direct Entry programme.

There were 29 applications to Cumbria Police for the direct entry Inspector position, from a wide spectrum of persons already in middle, to top management positions. This position was the first time the constabulary has taken part in the national scheme to recruit talent externally.

Superintendent Sarah Jackson, said: “This is a great opportunity for us, John will bring a new perspective to policing with a wealth of experience and a passion for serving the community.

“We are a forward thinking force who take pride in having a sustainable team of diverse staff and officers, this will be a fantastic opportunity to get a fresh pair of eyes on daily business.

“John’s training is 24 months long, so this is just the start for him. Eighty per cent of his training will be operational; he’ll be out working with experienced officers at all ranks PC, Sergeant and Inspector, in placements tailored to his needs.”

“I am excited to support John’s journey, he is a great fit for the Constabulary who will certainly help us keep at the forefront of policing.”

Cumbria’s Police and Crime Commissioner Peter McCall said: “I’d like to extend a very warm welcome to our first Direct Entry inspector, John Bradley.  I believe that the Direct Entry programme offers a fantastic opportunity for talented individuals with several years of experience in other sectors to use their skills to help policing continue to evolve, innovate and adapt to new challenges, and I wish John well as he embarks on his career with Cumbria Constabulary.”

Paula Light, Direct Entry Programme Lead from The College of policing said: “We are delighted to welcome John to the world of Policing and look forward to him starting his training programme with us and Cumbria Constabulary. Having passed the rigorous recruitment process and coming into Policing with a different perspective, we are sure he will prove to be an invaluable addition to Cumbria’s workforce during and following the completion of his training.”

John Bradley said: “I am looking forward to the first day of the programme and the start of my career in this fantastic force. I have had a lifelong ambition to join the police and a huge passion for serving the community and will be working hard to make a positive difference to that community.

“I have most recently had 8 years’ experience managing large operational teams where I had to make important often difficult decisions daily. Working as an Inspector will be an exciting new challenge but one I am fully ready to take.

“I have already met some amazing officers and staff in Cumbria Constabulary and am keen to get out and about in the community as part of my training.”

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