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Brassed Off comes off the screen and onto the stage

L-R: Pat Brinicombe (Director), Gareth Douglas-Brown (who plays Danny) and Susan Ellis (of Workington Town Band) rehearse Brassed Off.

Workington Town Band and Workington Playgoers are looking forward to collaborating on the stage version of Brassed Off. This theatrical adaptation retains all the popular film’s rugged humour and its honesty about the realities of hardship. It also has the emotional impact of local musicians playing live.

Based on a true story, Brassed Off is a life-affirming tale of community spirit and triumph in the face of adversity. The time is approximately 1994 and Grimley Colliery is facing closure, with 1200 job losses, a dying town and the loss of the local brass band. The future looks very bleak as the town is thrown into conflict – until flugelhorn player Gloria arrives in town, bringing a renewed sense of hope and a touch of romance. Meanwhile, veteran conductor Danny, his lungs filled with coal dust, struggles to fulfil a lifelong ambition to take the band to the National Band Championships at the Royal Albert Hall. Will he realise his dream?

Pat Brinicombe, director, says: “The Workington Playgoers have come together with Workington Town Band to stage Paul Allen’s adaptation of Mark Herman’s original film screenplay. This is the first collaboration between the two groups and it has proved to be an exciting and challenging venture. Rehearsals have been very interesting and full of fun. The two groups have worked hard to maintain focus in order to pull all the strands of the story together.”

Brassed Off is on at the Theatre Royal, Washington Street, Workington, from Tuesday 4th to Saturday 8th December at 7.30 pm. Tickets (available via the Playgoers website are £11.50 and £10.50 concessions. The Box Office is open every Monday and Wednesday from 6.45pm to 7.30pm and tickets will also be available on the door.

Warning: This play contains strong language.

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