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Cumbria’s MPs put Moorside proposal to Minister

John Woodcock MP John Stevenson MP & Trudy Harrison MP meet with Energy Minister Richard Harrington MP to continue Moorside talks

Cumbria’s MPs have today put forward a ‘strong case’ for Moorside as talks with the Minister for Energy continued.

Today, Trudy Harrison MP, John Stevenson MP and Barrow MP, John Woodcock held discussions with Energy Minister Richard Harrington MP and senior officials from the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy about the future of the £20 billion nuclear new build.

John Woodcock MP, said: “It is good to engage with Richard Harrington and help make the case for the incredible established nuclear skills base in Cumbria that makes Moorside uniquely attractive and strategically important as a site for a new power station.

“I am grateful to Trudy for organising the meeting, we will keep pressing the government to recognise that case and do whatever it takes to bring new civil nuclear to the area.

“Mr Harrington has shown a commitment to Cumbria during his time in the job and it was encouraging that he made clear he would explore any viable option to get a new plan.”

Mrs Harrison, said: “Today we proposed to the Minister and BEIS officials the strong case for prioritising Moorside.

“The potential for a UK- overseas civil nuclear partnership is real and will have significant and far reaching multilateral benefits.

“We are working together to make Moorside happen.”

John Stevenson MP, said: “I thought we had a constructive meeting with the Minister and officials. We all emphasised the importance of Moorside to Cumbria and sought assurances from the Minister that the site would remain a priority for the Government.

“It is our belief that Moorside is important not just at the Cumbrian level but also nationally.”

Richard Harrington MP and Minister for Energy, said: “I recognise that the recent announcement by Toshiba of their commercial decision to wind-up NuGen is disappointing for the people of Cumbria.

“I met today with Trudy Harrison and fellow MPs from the region and I look forward to working with them to find a positive solution for Moorside and the wider area.

“As the Minister responsible for the future of the Nuclear Industry in the UK, I am determined to look into every option for the development of a nuclear project on the Moorside site, taking advantage of the vast pool of skills and innovation in the local area.”

On Tuesday, Mrs Harrison pressed the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Greg Clark for an assurance that Government will meet with ‘all and any’ potential investors in Moorside.

The Secretary of State said nuclear power ‘has an important part to play in our energy systems as part of a low- carbon technology’, adding that the Government’s commitment to new nuclear is ‘clearly evident in the form of Hinkley Point C’ as well as in the launch of the Nuclear Sector Deal in June.

Earlier this month, Mrs Harrison launched the Moorside Strategic Partnership, bringing together key industry figures and Government officials.

The second meeting is due to take place on Friday 11th January.

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