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Robin Oliver designed Commemorative Charity Cards ‘In Remembrance 1914 – 2018’

In Remembrance 1914 2018 Copyright Artwork Robin Oliver 2014 All rights reserved

Robin Oliver, a Cumbrian Artist is ‘Drawing to a Close’, his First World War (1914 – 1918) Centenary work, with the November launch of a Very Special Commemorative Christmas Card, which is being sold by Donation, in aid of ‘the Carlisle & Stanwix branch of the Royal British Legion.’

Robin’s New Charity Christmas Card; ‘In Remembrance 1914 – 2018’ Is a reproduction of one of his treasured World War One, Research and preparatory Design Sheets, which was begun in 2013, and has been gradually reworked; with new elements added, taken away, or painted over, and eventually evolving into this final, colourful image, completed by Robin, in August 2014, in time for his four year period of Remembrance Exhibition work.

Robin says that; “overall this mixed media painting was inspired by Cecil Spring Rice’s 1908, poem, which was post, the Great War, set to music, and has become a much-loved hymn of the artist; I vow to thee, my country! The original words were written by Cecil Spring Rice in 1908, and were, re-written by him in 1918, in order to Remember the Losses of the Great War. Music was composed by Gustav Holst in 1921 to create a Patriotic song, with music taken/adapted from Jupiter, his Planets suite, eventually the work was published as a hymn in 1926, and became popular at subsequent Memorial Ceremonies”.

Incorporated into the design, an ailing tree, one of Robin’s photographs (top left) recalls the damaged trees of the French, and Belgium countryside, as a result of the heavy bombing during the Great War. Other elements either painted on, or incorporated, bring the image up to the present day, in terms of depicting our Armed Forces Service post WW1, through Peacetime, and into Subsequent Conflicts.

These Limited! Special Edition Card designs are available, for purchase, by set donation price; in aid of ‘The Carlisle & Stanwix branch of The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal’ from; The Carlisle Tourist Information Centre, and retail outlet, which is located upstairs within Carlisle’s Old Town Hall building, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA3 8JE (01228 598596).

The Artist hopes that anyone who is needing to purchase a Greetings card to send to a loved one this year, or as a keepsake, that they will choose one of Robin’s Commemorative Cards, and at the same time, donate to an extremely hard working local Charity, rather than to a commercial Greetings card company. He is asking that you; Please do go along to Carlisle’s Old Town Hall, and make a set price donation, in exchange for a card, in Support of the Exemplary, local branch of the Royal British Legion.

This New Remembrance Card image has been reproduced in a choice of a blank inside for your own message’, Artists card design, or the Christmas version containing the message which reads; “Wishing you a Very Happy Christmas & the Best of New Years!”

Robin has stressed that this is a unique card product because no one other than ‘the Carlisle & Stanwix Branch of the Royal British Legion’, gains financially, from the sale, by Donation of the Cards, and it is rare in any retail setting that 100% of any money raised goes directly to the beneficiary.

This Commemorative Greetings card is one of a selection of Limited Edition Art cards by Robin which are on sale from the Old Town Hall, with the specific aim of raising funds for a much loved, industrious, local charity.

For Further information about Robin Oliver’s Remembrance work please go to the website; Click on the ‘Journal’ heading tab, or by clicking onto the ‘Picture’ tab.

The New design; ‘IN REMEMBRANCE 1914 – 2018’ brings 1914, up to the present day; Commemorating the First World War Centenary, and Later Conflicts, within one Gloriously Colourful image.

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