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Pals banned from contacting each other for 10 years after “wild west” violence

Callum Kerr and Kane Hull

TWO friends involved in serious violence at a North Cumbrian social club have been banned from contacting each other for 10 years.

Kane Hull took hold of a bottle while pal Callum Kerr armed himself with a blade as trouble flared at Wigton’s West Street venue late on October 13. Violence began after Hull was head-butted by a man at the premises entrance. Several people were hurt during chaotic scenes inside the building during which a table was also thrown.

The three men were sentenced at Carlisle Crown Court on Friday after admitting affray. Hull and Kerr, who also admitted offensive weapon possession, were jailed for two-and-a-half years, and three years, respectively.

In addition, a prosecutor asked that the friends be made subject to the tough terms of criminal behaviour orders in a bid to curb their bad behaviour. Hull’s was made on Friday by Judge Peter Davies, who likened the Wigton incident to the “Wild West”. Hull must not enter Wigton, nor any Botchergate licensed premises in Carlisle, and was barred from contacting 23-year-old Kerr in any way – including by social media and third parties – for 10 years.

Kerr’s decade-long order was made this week, despite his lawyer asking for the contact ban to be removed. “This is the first offence they have been involved in together,” said Josh Bowker, defending. “It wouldn’t be proportionate and necessary to criminalise friendship.”

But Judge Davies disagreed, rubber-stamping Kerr’s 10-year order. “I would have thought it was in his interests – and in his positive interests – that he shouldn’t contact Mr Hull,” the judge concluded.

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