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Bradley returns to Comets for 2019

Bradley Wilson-Dean (Photo: Dave Payne)

THE Workington Comets management have announced that their third team member for the Comets 2019 season is Bradley Wilson-Dean.

Having spent a month with the Comets last season as a short-term replacement for the injured Mason Campton, the 24 year-old New Zealander then moved on to race for Peterborough, while continuing to double-up in the Premiership with parent club Somerset.

During his time with the Comets Bradley proved to be very popular with the supporters and played a key role in the team’s strong start to the season while Mason recovered from his wrist injury.

Now back home in New Zealand, Bradley finished his season a month early in order to undergo a pre-booked shoulder operation and as a result he should be fitter than ever for the new season. He comes into the Comets side on a 6.00 average, which is a figure that both he and the Comets management believe he is well capable of increasing in 2019.

Comets owner Laura Morgan is delighted to be bringing Bradley back to the club for a full season after he created a good impression when he was a Comet for just a few weeks, as she explained:

“I think Bradley will prove to be a very popular signing with the supporters after the way they received him earlier this year. He clearly enjoyed being here too and we all made a mental note that should the opportunity arise to bring him back for next season then we would try our best to do so.

“He is an exciting rider to watch and never gives up, which is probably one of the reasons he was so popular. Plus, with an average of exactly six points, he has plenty of scope to improve; which is what you need in a successful team.

“Additionally, although he is a new signing for next season he has the advantage of knowing us all and how the club operates, which was a key factor in him coming back to us and he should fit into our line-up very well. We saw how he interacted with his team-mates last season and he was very much a team man and I know that he was very keen to help young Kyle while he was here, which was nice to see.”

Co-promoter and team manager Tony Jackson added: “When I telephoned Bradley last week he was very keen to return to Derwent Park on a full time basis after his short stint with us last season, and we were able to sort out a deal reasonably easily.

“On a personal level I found him a pleasure to deal with last season and he has a good attitude, showing maturity beyond his years. I believe he will fit in well with the team that we have planned and I am very pleased how the side is coming together so far.”

Bradley (6.00) joins Kyle Bickley (2.00) and Mason Campton (6.32) in the Comets line-up so far, which leaves 23.68 points available for the remaining four riders in order to comply with the 38-point limit that applies to 2019 team-building.

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