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Christmas comes early to Carlisle Youth Zone

Becca Ferguson, Dodd & Co, Amber Hodgson, Age 9 and Caitlin Meek, Age 10 and Martha Winn, Baines Wilson

Carlisle Youth Zone is benefitting from one of the many changes the internet has brought to the commercial world as two local businesses are donating sums of money to CYZ instead of sending traditional Christmas cards in the post.

Local commercial lawyers Baines Wilson and accountancy firm Dodd & Co are each donating £250 representing some of the money which would have been spent on buying and posting traditional cards. Both firms now send electronic messages to clients and contacts so “saving” considerable sums but instead of “banking it” they now give this money to charities instead, one of which is CYZ.

Lynsey Buckle from CYZ said: “It’s a great gesture by both businesses and we will certainly put the money to great effect.

Over 1500 children use CYZ’s facilities every week and over a quarter come from disadvantaged backgrounds. Whilst CYZ is developing a wider financial support basis amongst the local business community through its patrons scheme (of which Baines Wilson and Dodd & Co are both part of), this additional revenue stream is incredibly helpful.”

Alison Johnston from Dodd & Co adds: “Helping Carlisle Youth Zone, especially at this time of year is something we are very pleased to be able do. Each year we ask staff for their suggestions of charities that we can support with the money that was previously used on postal cards. It seems a much better use of the money and helps to make a genuine difference.”

Sean Logue from Baines Wilson commented: “We are really pleased to be helping CYZ in this way and sincerely hope that other North Cumbrian businesses might consider doing so. We know the money is needed and will be well spent”

Anyone business interested in doing likewise should contact Lynsey at Carlisle Youth Zone – [email protected]

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