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Police investigating burglaries in Carlisle

Police are investigating a number of burglaries that have occurred in Carlisle following similar circumstances.

Officers were called to the following incidents:

Burglary and theft at approximately 5:30pm on 28th November on Peel Street, Carlisle. Items taken include a laptop, TV and a bike.

Attempted burglary at approximately 6:30pm on 2nd December on Fusehill Street, Carlisle. No property taken.

Burglary at approximately 10:30pm on 3rd December on Currock Street, Carlisle. Items taken include a laptop, bike and alcohol.

On each incident suspects have used a large item from the victim’s garden to force entry to the property.

Police would like to warn the public about leaving loose or insecure items in their gardens, removing such items to a secure place, and to ensure that doors and windows are secure.

Anyone with information or who has witnessed these incidents is asked to contact police quoting log 177 of 2nd December 2018 or Log 69 of 3rd December 2018.

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