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West Cumbria crash driver found guilty

Carlisle Magistrates Court

A West Cumbria man has been found guilty of driving without due care and attention after a collision between two cars travelling in opposite directions on June 8 in Ullock.

The driver Efstathios Stephanou, 20, gave his address as Waterloo Street, Cockermouth.

Stephanou pleaded not-guilty at North Cumbria Magistrates Court in Carlisle.

The court was told how the driver of the other car, a silver BMW 520 was driving across a bridge in the village of Ullock, when the driver saw a black Ford Fiesta car on the bridge travelling at speed towards his now stationery BMW.

The driver of Ford Fiesta, Stephanou then collided with the BMW and hit the bridge parapet, the BMW was a “write-off” to the value of around £13k.

The court was told a witness living near to the bridge said the Ford car was travelling at speed and braked sharply, the witness heard the tyres “screeching“.

The bridge is known locally as “bad-bridge” magistrates were told.

There are signs stating the bridge is narrow and traffic might be in the middle of the road.

The defendant denied he was travelling at speed and was being blamed because of his age, he however admitted “I hadn’t seen the warning sign”.

Stephanou told the court he is being blamed, it is not all his fault and it’s “not warranted”.

Magistrates found him guilty of the charge, he was fined £390.00 with trial costs of £625.00 plus a victims surcharge of £39.00 five-penalty points were placed on his licence.

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