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Care Certificate Presentation Event

Staff receiving their certificates

Nearly 30 staff from a range of nursing disciplines have recently completed their Care Certificate in north Cumbria.

They join the 200 new and existing staff who have completed their care certificate since April 2015 to ensure they keep up to date with best practice.

The Care certificate is an agreed set of standards that sets out the knowledge, skills and behaviours expected of specific job roles in the health and social care sector. It is part of newly qualified staff’s induction, is included in many apprenticeships and can also help current staff develop their skills and career pathways.

Tina O’Neil a rehabilitation assistant in the Allerdale Community rehabilitation team said “I feel my confidence and skills have grown with the support of my mentor. I would recommend this learning and development to anyone”.

Trisha Goldwater, Tina’s mentor and Assistant Practitioner in the rehabilitation team said “I am absolutely proud of the transformation in Tina’s journey and her progression. Her writing skills have improved to a high level. Her patient skills and knowledge have improved beyond expectation.”

Staff can use the learning from the Care Certificate towards some existing qualifications avoiding the need to repeat learning in Jen Connor Trainee assistant practitioner from the Memory Matters team. She said: “It has improved my confidence to work towards my Assistant Practitioner degree.”

Alison Smith, Executive Chief Nurse for North Cumbria University Hospitals and Cumbria Partnership NHS Trusts presented 28 staff with their Care Certificates at a presentation event at Carleton Clinic on 13th December.

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