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Lakes College students make Christmas hampers to thank West Cumberland Hospital staff

Nurse Cadet students from Lakes College with the festive hampers and Sonia Hyde

Nurse Cadet students at Lakes College have been busy making Christmas hampers for staff at West Cumberland Hospital.

As part of their study programme the Nurse Cadets complete work placements with the NHS, gaining experience in different hospitals and departments across Cumbria and every year arrange for hampers as a thank you for the hard working NHS staff.

The Nurse Cadets organised a cake sale in the college, where they all put a lot of effort into baking a variety of cakes and treats, raising an impressive £146. This money was split between the students and each one was given £12 each to go out and buy items for the hampers to thank the staff. The students chose items such as food, stationary, mirrors, hand creams, fluffy socks, mugs, candles and much more.

The students will deliver the hampers to West Cumberland Hospital just before Christmas to Ward three – stoke unit and theatre and recovery staff.

Chloe Dixon (a Lakes College student studying her first year of the Nurse Cadets programme) spoke proudly about the festive hampers “We are all so pleased to be able to give a gift of gratitude to the hospital, we work in a variety of wards within the local hospitals and are so grateful for the staff and everything they do to help us with our studies.”

Sonia Hyde (Lakes College Nurse Cadets Course Leader) explained “The students have worked so hard to raise money to enable the hampers to be created and I am so proud of them. We are so grateful for all that the NHS staff do for both the local community and ourselves and this is a great way to emphasise our thanks to all.”

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