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Carlisle man sent threatening text message

A judge has heard how a man had been watching a live TV football match in town and went home to find his ex-partner having “intimate” relations with another man.

The man from Harraby in Carlisle pleaded guilty to sending a letter/electronic communication or article conveying a threatening message on August 5.

Jason Thomas Edmondson, 32, appeared at Carlisle’s Rickergate Magistrates Court and gave his address as Durranhill Road.

District Judge Gerald Chalk was told Edmondson sent a text message to his former partner of 14-years, concerning threats towards the known male, the message was sent by an electronic communication, a text message which conveyed a threat for the purpose of causing distress or anxiety to the recipient of the message.

This was brought to court under the Malicious Communications Act 1988.

Defending Edmondson, Paul Tweddle said his client had been drinking and when he got home he was “stunned” at what he witnessed the couple were found in “a comprising” situation. Edmondson’s reaction with the texts and threats made was out of anger, he was in a very emotional state and said things in a fit of pique, the lawyer told the judge his client is now getting on with his life.

The judge placed Edmondson on a one-year Community Order, with one requirement to do 50-hours of unpaid work, and court costs of £175.00.

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