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Carlisle “care worker” found guilty of assault

Carlisle Magistrates Court

A care worker from a Carlisle care-home pleaded not-guilty to an allegation that she neglected the care of a patient on June 17 last year.

Ms Dimitrinka Mitkova Yonova, 54, gave her address as Ruthella Street, Carlisle, she told Carlisle Magistrates Court her Nationality was Bulgarian, the court was shown a video after a covert camera had been placed in the patients room at the Barchester Health care home at Lanercost House, Berkeley Grange, Newtown Road.

The court heard from the patients wife of 37-years Karen Abbott she said the camera was covertly placed in his room as she was worried about the care he was receiving, the court was told her husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease (dementia) in 2008, he was in the care home from 2017, but is now back at home.

The video footage from the camera showed Yonova attending to Royston (Rossy) Abbott by giving him personal care and changing his trousers into pyjamas on a bed, the patient was heard making loud vocal sounds, his wife told the court earlier, the sounds were possibly made in distress.

Peter Kelly prosecuting said, she [Yonova] hit Rossie while caring for him, she should have spoken to him more to explain what she was doing.

He cannot speak and is a vulnerable person. It was a slow slight jab to Rossy said the lawyer.

Yonova denied throughout giving her evidence to assaulting 62-year-old Mr Abbott in any way, she said the vocalisation was the usual thing while caring for him.

The court was told Rossy’s care plan shows, he should have three members of staff in attendance while procedures are taking place, at the time of the assault Yonova was on her own.

The magistrates on passing sentence said Yonova’s standard of care fell below that of a professional carer and an assault took place.

Yonova was dismissed from her job immediately after the assault.

After receiving a Probation Service report magistrates passed a sentence of, an 18-month Community Order, 20-rehabilitation days, and 200-hours of unpaid work, prosecution costs of £500 and victims surcharge of £85.

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