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Engineering leaders of the future sought across Cumbria

The region’s power network operator, Electricity North West, is searching for five new apprentices to help power the lives of around 400,000 people across Cumbria.

The search is on for both craft apprentices and higher level apprentices in Barrow, Penrith and Kendal to train for three years to help maintain, develop and grow the electricity network for years to come.

Electricity North West’s apprenticeship scheme, which is now in its eleventh year, has trained and developed more than 200 apprentices providing opportunities for local people in the region.

Peter Emery, CEO for Electricity North West, said: “Our apprenticeship scheme reflects our ongoing commitment to not only ensure we continue to power the lives of all our customers, but also to ensure we provide local jobs in communities across the North West.

“Our apprentices make a huge contribution to our organisation and we have a responsibility to the next generation to create opportunities.

“That’s why we’re looking for people from across Cumbria to apply for our apprenticeship scheme and help us continue to deliver an essential, safe and innovative service for years to come.”

Higher level apprentice Ellie Chandler, 19, from Kendal, said: “I applied to be an apprentice because I felt that university wasn’t for me, and this is a great opportunity to learn and get paid to do so.

“Electricity North West wants to help you progress and improve your skills and it makes me proud that I’m contributing to my community as well.”

Apprentice Reece Simpson, 18, from Penrith, said: “The thing I enjoy most about the apprenticeship scheme is taking everything that I learnt at the training academy and then using those skills in the field to help bring power back to the customers. This makes it a very rewarding job and makes you proud to work for the company.”

In total 22 apprenticeship opportunities are available across the North West, including both craft apprenticeships, which include overhead line workers and cable jointers, and higher level apprenticeships, which include roles such as delivery engineer, project manager, design engineer and control engineer.

The deadline to apply is the 17th February 2019. Click here to apply.

To hear more about what it’s like be an apprentice watch the new apprentice videos here.

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