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An evening with Rusty Firmin & Phil Campion


Tickets being reserved now and this will be one for all ages.. Two era’s of Special Air Service (SAS) in the same room telling you about their experiences before, during and after their time in black kit.

Rusty Firmin, born and bred in Carlisle before joining the Army has so many tales to tell, a Harraby man who was involved in the Iranian Embassy Siege, 1980 later became known as the ‘man with no gloves’ and there’s a story in the reason too. 15 years in the SAS doing what most lads dream of doing. The most famous photograph of the siege where the SAS are entering the embassy from a balcony show a trooper with no gloves on, yep, that’s Rusty Firmin and he was involved in the making of the blockbuster film ‘6 days’ because he guided the film crew what happened during the planned assault and the days leading up to GO GO GO.

Big Phil Campion was involved in plenty Operation’s overseas and some closer to home, he has also since leaving the elite forces been active as a Close Protection operative in some very hostile locations over in the sand, he has also actively fought of pirates when he was part of a team protecting ships.

Organise getting a ticket and come along for what will be a great listen and chance to win something in the auction or raffle during the fund-raiser. There is also opportunity to have your photograph taken with both gents as a keep sake from the evening you met two blokes who have certainly been there done it.

Raising funds on the evening for Pilgrim Bandits who are a very much needed charity for our wounded soldiers.

Because the venue isn’t massive, tickets are limited to ensure comfort while listening.

Tickets/Info – Kirky on 07956625562

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