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Changing radio stations while driving costs Longtown man almost £800

Carlisle Magistrates Court

A Longtown man has pleaded guilty before Carlisle Magistrates to failing-to-stop after a collision and driving without due care and attention.

The court was told David Graham, 29, was driving a Volkswagen Golf on October 11 of last year on the A6071 at Smithfield at around 11.30pm, when he crashed into a telegraph pole causing substantial damage to the car.

He then left the scene, but was later arrested and admitted he was guilty to the police.

The court was told how Graham who gave his address as Moor Crescent, Longtown, was changing radio stations while driving and in a moments lapse in concentration he was distracted, the next thing he knew he hit the pole, when he left the scene his intentions were to go back to the crash site later, the pole was left lying across the road.

Graham was fined £641 for the failing-to-stop, with 7-penalty-ponts on his licence for the due care and attention offence, also prosecution costs of £85 and a victim’s surcharge of £64, totalling £790.

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