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Carlisle man sentenced for possessing metal bar in public

Carlisle Crown Court

A MAN who had a metal bar hidden up his sleeve in the street after trouble flared at his Carlisle home has been given a 21-week jail term.

Lee Palmer, 46, was sentenced at the city’s crown court today (MON).

Palmer was said to have been involved in an incident on November 2 at his Partridge Place address, which had been “invaded” by another man. A fight broke out between them which left both injured.

The court heard Palmer had then been in possession of a metal bar when he came out of his home. He hadn’t used the implement but had “secreted it” in his clothing. He admitted one charge of possessing an offensive weapon in public.

Judge Peter Davies heard the defendant had committed a previous offensive weapon crime, which meant he stood to receive a minimum six-month prison sentence.

Judge Davies imposed a 21-week jail term but noted that as Palmer had both pleaded guilty to the latest offence and also already served the equivalent of a 22-week sentence on remand, he stood to be released from custody immediately.

“My advice to you, Mr Palmer,” said the judge, “if you get anybody coming around to your house for an argument, try and keep them away.

“Don’t come out of your house with a metal bar up your sleeve.”

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