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Keswick School achieves top marks in school performance tables

Keswick School is ranked as the top non-selective secondary school in Cumbria in two out of four performance measures published in the secondary school performance tables today.

This success is recognised in the following areas:

  • Attainment 8 score – 53.9
  • EBacc average point score – 4.89

The attainment 8 score is an indication of the grades achieved by students taking 8 qualifying subjects that include English, Maths and Science.

In the other significant performance measure the school achieved a progress 8 score of 0.25, indicating that Keswick students make excellent progress from their starting point on entry.

So how is this success achieved year after year?

The school believe it’s down to our ethos of care and support, encouragement and friendly competition. It creates character and confidence and is built on a partnership between students, parents and staff. It’s also reflected in our vision that happy students who enjoy learning will achieve their potential.

As an ambitious school staff have no intention to sit back. Last week they opened a new International Languages Centre and have plans to launch a new catering facility with the Lake District Hotels group later this year. They continue to develop subject mastery across the curriculum and create exceptional opportunities for students through participation (and national success) in a range of competitions, sport, music and performance. Yesterday their Lego League team won the regional heat cup for core values which also reflect our school’s values.

A Keswick School spokesman said: “What we will always do is put the interests of our students first.

“We don’t play games with exams and we don’t ask students to complete meaningless qualifications. We don’t double enter or off roll as a way to influence school results. The only thing we care about is giving young people unparalleled support offered by a highly committed team of specialist teachers and support staff.

“As a fully inclusive school our ambition is to achieve world class standards and create the leaders of tomorrow, and we welcome anyone who shares the same philosophy.”

Keswick School is a National Teaching School and part of the Western Lakes Teaching School Alliance. If you are interested in training as a teacher through a well established and highly successful Initial Teacher Training programme please contact: [email protected]

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