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Man jailed for seventh breach of restraining order

Carlisle Crown Court

A MAN has been jailed for nine months after he breached a restraining order for the seventh time.

Elijah Ali, 28, appeared at Carlisle Crown Court this morning (FRI). He had pleaded guilty during a earlier court hearing to flouting a restraining order by phoning and speaking to a woman he had previously been ordered not to contact.

The court heard 29-year-old Ali, of no fixed address, had called the woman from a Carlisle custody suite on November 13 as he searched for a place to stay.

Anthony Parkinson, defending, said Ali was “trying his best to turn his life around”.

But after hearing the restraining order breach was Ali’s seventh in total, and that he had been imprisoned previously for similar offending, Judge Nicholas Barker jailed him for nine months.

“Do not contact her,” Judge Barker warned him. “If you need to contact her, do so through formal channels. If you don’t, you are just going to stay longer and longer inside (prison).”

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