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New Shop comes to Penrith

A new shop, Care&Beauty has opened next to the Town Hall adding a new business to the Penrith high street.

Care&Beauty stocks a wide variety of products including skincare, bath salts and shampoos by Eva, assorted everyday products such as Bella wet wipes and assorted cotton products or Matopak plasters and disposable gloves, ladies sanitary products as well as specialist lines in baby products, postpartum products by Bella Mamma and Seni adult incontinence lines.

The shop is open 09:00 – 17:00 Monday to Fridays, and 09:00 – 14:00 Saturdays and has been established by local entrepreneur Mariusz Waluk.

When asked about his idea for the shop Mr Waluk said: “The brands we stock are already very well known and popular across the world in over 80 countries, however I have never seen them available here and thought it would be great to bring them to the UK market.

“The products are really good quality and we are able to provide them at a very competitive price.

“For our opening week this week we have a 10% gift code for locals, GAUDIUMCLIENT which they can use online or in store.”

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