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Prolific Carlisle shoplifter jailed for £1,000 crime spree

David Pattinson

A PROLIFIC criminal who pocketed more than £1,000 worth of goods during a Carlisle shoplifting spree has been jailed for two years.

David Scott Pattinson, 28, struck at six different city shops on nine separate dates late last year as he stole loot with a view to selling it on.

Sometimes stealing from stores twice on the same day, Pattinson snatched high value meat, alcohol and perfume during a spate of criminal offending in October and December either side of a brief spell in prison. He also pinched two charity boxes, assaulted a pharmacist who tackled him over one theft and went on a £270 “trolley dash” with two other people at a Tesco store.

Carlisle Crown Court heard how Pattinson – a man with over 100 previous offences on his record – was on prison licence at the time of his latest criminal conduct. In addition, he was subject to a criminal behaviour order, imposed in 2015, which banned him from visiting all but one of the shops he had targeted.

Pattinson, of no fixed address, admitted 12 theft charges, one attempted theft, assault and nine criminal behaviour order breaches.

He was jailed at the crown court this morning (MON). “This was an extensive shoplifting spree,” he was told by Recorder Robert Lazarus.

“Immediate custody is the only option, if only for the reason of protecting local businesses from your offending.”

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