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Christmas gift rounders bat used during sustained Carlisle street attack

Carlisle Crown Court

A MAN who unwrapped a Christmas gift rounders bat before using it to attack a man in the street on Boxing Day has been jailed.

Carlisle Crown Court heard of a chance evening meeting between feuding John Dean Kenneth Bell and Anthony Robson in the city’s Castle Way at around 8pm on December 26.

After words were exchanged, 30-year-old Bell hit Mr Robson to the side of his face.

When Mr Robson replied “is that all you’ve got?”, Bell reached into a carrier bag and took out a gift-wrapped rounders bat. He was said to have removed the paper before using the two-foot long wooden weapon to hit Mr Robson once to the face and several times to his body. He did not require significant medical treatment.

The attacker was then said to have chased Mr Robson through standing traffic before the incident ended.

Heavily-convicted Bell, of Partridge Place, Carlisle, was sentenced today (WED) having admitted an actual bodily harm assault on Mr Robson, and threatening him with the offensive weapon.

Jailing him for 12 months, Judge James Adkin said: “It was a sustained assault and the culpability was higher because you used a weapon.”

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