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Personal story explores gender and identity

Writer and performer Elise Heaven brings She’s A Good Boy to Rosehill Theatre on 16 February. Credit Fluxx Films.

A moving, funny and honest personal story about non-binary gender and identity comes to Rosehill Theatre, Moresby, on Saturday 16 February.

She’s A Good Boy is an autobiographical show written and performed by Elise Heaven, and presented at the West Cumbria venue during LGBT History Month.

The performer’s own experiences are recreated using humour, live music and comedy songs to share with the audience the challenges of a society that is conditioned only to see people as masculine or feminine.

Elise is called pretty the same amount of times as being called sir in an average week. If Elise had £1 for every time someone asked “Are you the best man?” then Elise would have £2. Elise is often asked “Are you a boy or a girl?” – the answer to this is “No”.

Christina Poulton, of the producer Strike A Light, says: “We’ve found that this show means a lot to audiences. It’s hilarious one minute and really moving the next.

“It explores non-binary gender and questions the assumptions we have that people can only be masculine or feminine, and which current society reinforces.

“For teenagers exploring their gender identity or parents of those teens, they’ve found it an uplifting and emotional experience.

“For all our audiences, gender is such an interesting subject and throws up lots of questions.”

As well as sharing Elise’s own experiences, She’s A Good Boy encourages the audience to think about their own preconceptions: Why can only Scottish men wear skirts? Why do we need to say “he” and “she”? How do we teach our children about gender and what does that mean for them?

The story is told with energy and comic moments throughout, from seahorses to Spiderman socks, tributes to disgruntled local councillors and wedding day disasters.

The show starts at 8pm, lasts about one hour and is suitable for ages 14-plus. It will be followed by an informal discussion hosted by Elise in Messel’s Bar, with audience members welcome to share their thoughts and experiences.

Tickets for She’s A Good Boy are available from or 01946 692422.

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