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Help achieve the vision for Penrith in 2032


Householders in Penrith should now have received a booklet and questionnaire relating to the Penrith Neighbourhood Development Plan (PNDP).

The current version of the plan has drawn from previous consultations on the plan, and the hope is that people will read the information sent to them by post, complete the questionnaire, then return it to the Town Council in the pre-paid envelope provided.

The objectives and planning policies the Council are consulting on will help achieve the vision for Penrith, 2032.

“Penrith, Heart of Eden – A great Place to live, work and visit – By 2032, Penrith will be a successful, vibrant market town providing a sustainable environment for quality of life, attracting investment and tourism whilst enhancing the best of its built and natural character.”

The Town Council feels it is essential for people who live and work in the local community to ‘have a say’ on the policies that will determine how the Town develops into the future. Besides posting an explanatory booklet and questionnaire to householders, the Town Council have sent information to local groups and statutory organisations and are organising drop-in sessions in local venues during the 8 week consultation period which ends on 1st April. Information can also be found online on the Council’s website and social media and is included in posters around the town. Local TV, radio and press outlets will also be broadcasting information during the Regulation 14 consultation period.

Following on from the consultation, all comments will be considered by the Neighbourhood Plan Group and the Town Council, before the final draft document is submitted to Eden District Council. EDC will then carry out further consultation before an independent Inspector considers the plan. The plan will then be put to public Referendum and, if adopted, it will become the definitive statement of planning policy for Penrith.

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