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New space for prayer and contemplation to be created at FGH

Furness General Hospital Muslim prayer room

University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust (UHMBT) is improving its facilities for patients and their families at Furness General Hospital, with the creation of a new space for prayer and contemplation.

The works will involve the creation of a new purpose built Chapel, a Muslim prayer room, full washing facilities, a vestry, a meeting room, facilities for volunteers and an office.

The new space will have full access for wheelchairs, and even bed space, as well as areas provided for counselling, meetings, and one-to-one support.

Furness General Hospital Chapel

Debbie Wilde, the Chaplain at Furness General Hospital says “What we are creating is a prayer space and chaplaincy suite that will be available and accessible to all.

“There is a theme of nature and the sea in the design and colours, so that anyone who comes to the space will feel that they are coming out of a clinical environment and into a place of healing, peace and prayer.”

“A lot of people use the existing chapel and prayer rooms so we are incredibly thankful for the opportunity to provide a better space for staff, patients and their families. The chaplaincy department and its staff are available for all faiths and none. All are welcome!”

The work, which will cost approximately £300,000, is due to be completed in March.

Foluke Ajayi, Chief Operating Officer at UHMBT, says “It is really important to us that patients and their families have as good an experience as possible at our hospitals. People often come to us at a very difficult point in their lives – and it is important that during those times there is an attractive, peaceful place where they can go, away from the wards, for contemplation, prayer or support. Also, we want our colleagues and our volunteers to have a place where they can pray or just take some quiet time out from what can be very stressful jobs.”

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