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Carlisle Lake District Airport unveils innovative ATC training

Carlisle Lake District Airport has released details of an innovative approach that it is taking to Air Traffic Control (ATC) training.

The Cumbrian airport is currently working closely with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) as it continues to train ATC staff to operate at the airport and ensure the highest standards of safety.

To complete this, it is using a state-of-the-art simulator provided by Air Navigation Solutions at Edinburgh Airport. This includes a series of large screens and a mock-up control tower that together provide an accurate and lifelike representation of a fully operational Carlisle Lake District Airport control tower.

You can see a video of the training by clicking here.

Once the CAA is satisfied with the levels of training and validations achieved by ATC staff, Carlisle Lake District Airport and Loganair will be able to confirm when tickets can go on sale, and when the first commercial flight for over two decades can take place.

Damon Knight, Head of Air Traffic Control, Stobart Aviation, said: “We are doing a variety of different things to ensure the airport is open for commercial flights later this year. A key focus is reopening the Air Traffic Control Service, and the simulator represents a really innovative approach to the training that is required.

“It means we can recreate the view from the window in the control tower and test different scenarios such as varying volumes of traffic and weather types.

“This in turn allows us to expediate the training in order to get the team operational as quickly as possible. Because we can record everything in the simulator, it also makes it easier for the CAA to validate the training that is being received.”

Henry Game, Managing Director of Air Navigation Solutions, added: “Air Navigation Solutions is delighted to be supporting the team at Carlisle Lake District Airport with our state-of-the-art training facilities.

“These ensure that the airport’s team of air traffic controllers are receiving wide-ranging training that is fully preparing them for the re-opening of the airport and commencement of commercial flights later in the year.”

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