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40 drivers caught flouting rules of the road during Carlisle operation

Police vehicles during the Carlisle operation

Forty drivers were caught either jumping red lights, speeding or committing other traffic offences during a police operation in Carlisle today.

Covert spotters and high visibility officers were out on Scotland Road, watching out for known hot spots at the lights at the junctions with Etterby Street, Mulcaster Crescent and around Briar Bank.

It came after a survey of this area found dozens of drivers ignoring when the lights change to red.

Today tickets which lead to fines and penalty points were issued to five motorists who jumped red lights.

Twelve drivers were issued fines for driving while using a mobile phone.

Two seat belt breaches were spotted and 21 people were caught speeding.

PC Norman Black is a collision reduction officer. He said: “Driving in this manner puts drivers, pedestrians, cyclists and the motorists themselves, along with any passengers, at risk.

“This operation will be repeated in future, utilising both covert and high visibility officers in uniform.

“We would urge all road users to follow the law and rules of the road – and think of their safety and other people’s safety at all times.”

The survey, revealed in recent weeks, recorded 51 vehicles in a single day running red lights on Scotland Road at Mulcaster Crescent and Etterby Street.

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