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Same Day Health Centre at West Cumberland Hospital up and running

A Same Day Health Centre at West Cumberland Hospital is now up and running. It is a new service for Copeland patients to offer more appointments for those who need to see a GP, a nurse or other primary care staff urgently.

NHS teams have been working hard to increase capacity for patients needing urgent same day appointments with their GP or practice nurse.

The Same Day Health Centre is based in the outpatients department. These appointments can only be accessed by booking through a Copeland GP Practice – it isn’t a walk in service.

Celia Heasman is a GP in Egremont and has been working on the new service she said: “We know patients get frustrated if they can’t get an appointment and we know that demand on our surgeries is increasing all the time. All of the practices in Copeland have worked together to develop this service so more on the day appointments are available.

“We hope patients will find this new service helpful. It’s important to remember that even though the service is based at the hospital it is a GP service and appointments can only be accessed through your own GP Practice.”

The service started on Monday 18 February and GPs saw around 100 patients in the first week. At least three admissions to hospitals were avoided because tests could be analysed quickly to rule out or confirm a condition.

A new senior physiotherapist has started this week and can see urgent patients who have contacted their GP with muscular and joint pain.

The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the same day health centre?
This is a service available for all patients registered with a Copeland GP surgery. It provides appointments to patients requiring same day care for urgent problems and minor injuries. The centre will also offer extended access (evening) appointments for routine or non-urgent problems.

Can I just walk in?
No, all of our appointments must be booked by your own surgery.

What if I’m not registered with a Copeland GP surgery?
Unfortunately we cannot accommodate patients who are not registered with a surgery in the area. You should call NHS 111 for advice. For minor ailments, you can also see your local pharmacist.

Who will I see?
The service is staffed by a range of healthcare professionals. Who you see may depend on the problem you have.

Can I request a chaperone?
Yes. Please tell staff if you would like a chaperone. Family or friends may attend with you but some examinations or procedures may also require another member of staff to be present.

What if English is not my first language?
Please tell your surgery if you require translation services when the appointment is booked, and we can arrange telephone translation for you. You are welcome to bring friends or family with you to help with translation if you prefer.

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