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Lakeland songs at the Beacon Museum

Phil Lewthwaite

A unique performance of Cumbrian-themed songs will take centre stage at the Beacon Museum on Friday, March 22.

Phil Lewthwaite is a singer-songwriter from Whitehaven, now based in Holmrook. His performance is inspired by the places and people of Cumbria and includes original songs and images taken from around the Lake District.

Phil said: “Songwriting and photography are the two primary ways I express myself artistically, so my latest project is an ideal marriage of both art forms.

“For me, the English Lake District has to be one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Apart from its outstanding natural beauty, I am very privileged that it’s the place I call home, and the place where the narrative of my life has unfolded. I was born here and fortunately for me, it’s the place where I’ve experienced life.

“With ‘Lakeland Song,’ I’ve documented a series of stories through song. It’s a snapshot of how I’ve seen the world through my eyes.”

The performance starts at 7.30pm and tickets, costing £10 each, are available from the Beacon Museum reception, or by calling 01946 592302. Under 16s are welcome if accompanied. See the museum website and Facebook page for further details.

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