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The Yellow Earl: In his own words

Available exclusively from Withnail Books in Penrith

Rediscovered after more than a century, this fascinating interview, originally published in a sporting magazine in 1905, allows you to hear Hugh Cecil Lowther, the Fifth Earl of Lonsdale, better known as ‘Lordy’, The Yellow Earl, in his own words…

Adam Newell, the owner of Penrith second hand bookshop Withnail Books, rediscovered the interview in an Edwardian sporting magazine. Newell has previously published limited editions of lost pieces by Lawrence of Arabia and Frankenstein author Mary Shelley, but this time he wanted to do something with Cumbrian appeal.

Says Newell; “The Yellow Earl was a larger than life character, and his personality really comes through in the interview. ‘Lordy’ is still very much a legend in Penrith, and throughout Cumbria, and I’d like to think that this little publication will help to keep that legend alive!”

The Yellow Earl: In His Own Words also features some rare photos, including a newly discovered, previously unpublished ‘Carte de Visite’ portrait of Hugh Cecil Lowther as a young man.

“I don’t like the killing of anything… There’s many a fine stag at Lowther which has been covered by my rifle, but which is still sniffing the dawn in the woods!”

“It is a horrible thing to see the way in which even countrymen, when they go to the towns, are taking to too much whisky and gin. The healthy old beverages of beer and cider are passing out of fashion…”


16pp, plus cover printed on Rives Shetland paper.

Hand-numbered, limited to 100 copies, priced £8 each. It will not be reprinted.

Number 1 comes with the original portrait photograph of Hugh Lowther as a young man, and is priced at £75.

Published on Saturday April 13th — the 75th anniversary of The Yellow Earl’s death in 1944.

Only available from Withnail Books, part of The Brunswick Yard in Penrith, the popular antiques centre which is also home to the award-winning café The Yard Kitchen.

Withnail Books, The Brunswick Yard, Penrith, CA11 7JU

Copies can be reserved ahead of publication by emailing: [email protected]

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Cumbria Crack

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