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Chance to get your food waste digester

Food waste digester

Do you regularly have leftover food?  Don’t throw it away!  Cumbria County Council is offering a huge 80% discount on two types of food digester, available via the Recycle for Cumbria website. All orders received before 5pm on Sunday 7 April will be entered in to a competition to receive a full refund on their digester – we’re giving away 60 units (10 in each district)!

The council has been working hard to reduce food waste by making food waste digesters available in the county at heavily discounted rates since 2014.  Since then, nearly 6,000 units have been distributed.  All households that have a food waste digester have the means to dispose organic waste produced at home and reduce the amount of waste being sent to waste treatment plants.

Two different digesters are available.  ‘Green Johanna’ is a combined digester and composter, and will accept all cooked and un-cooked food waste, mixed with organic garden waste to produce rich compost.  This unit usually retails at £119.99 but is available for just £20 when ordered via Recycle for Cumbria.

‘Green Cone’ is purely a food waste digester.  This unit sits in a sunny position and accepts all cooked and uncooked food waste.  Compost is not produced but the waste is broken down in a below-ground chamber and naturally dissipates away into the soil.  This unit usually retails at £99.99 but is available for just £15.00 when ordered from Recycle for Cumbria.

This year as an added incentive, we are giving away 10 units in each district.  All you have to do is purchase your digester before 5pm on Sunday 7 April.  We’ll pick out 10 people at random from each of the six districts (60 in total), and they will be refunded the cost of their digester.

There’s also a free kitchen caddy up for grabs – anyone that purchases a black compost bin (available in 220 or 330 litre sizes) from the website during March will receive a free kitchen caddy. This is a bin you place underneath the sink to collect peelings and food waste before putting them in the composter.

Find out more and make your order at

Councillor Celia Tibble, Cabinet Member for the Environment, said: “We’re really keen to help residents get food waste out of their kitchen bins and put waste to good use, so we’re excited to be able to offer these bins at a heavily discounted rate.

“Food waste digesters not only accept food like vegetable peelings and bread, but also meat, fish and bones – which can’t go in a conventional compost bin, so they’re a really great asset, and a fantastic alternative to food waste ending up at a treatment centre.”

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