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MP secures Parliamentary debate on flooding in Cumbria

Tim Farron MP during the aftermath of the floods back in 2015

Next Tuesday morning (19th) local MP Tim Farron will lead a debate in Parliament on the subject of flooding in Cumbria.

Last month Tim met with the floods minister Thérèse Coffey when he argued that Cumbria, the wettest county in England, should become a special case when it comes to flood protection funding.

Tim is asking local people to get in touch with him to let him know which specific issues they think he should raise.

Tim said: “While the ongoing chaos in Westminster feels like it’s bringing everything to a standstill, it’s absolutely vital that we remain focused on tackling the key issues that our communities face.

“So, I’m glad that we’ve been able to secure this debate on flooding in Cumbria.

“Over the past decade flooding has brought widespread devastation to homes, businesses and communities across our county.

“I’ll be raising the need for a change to the funding formula to better take into account Cumbria being the wettest county in the country. I’ll also raise the need to get on with flood protection schemes along the River Kent and in places like Windermere, Ambleside and on Windermere Road in Grange.

“But I also want to use this opportunity to raise the issues that local residents feel are not getting the attention they deserve by both the Government and the Environment Agency.”

Constituents can submit their suggestions to Tim by emailing [email protected].

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