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Pledge your support to recycle at Carlisle event

Local Carlisle residents are being asked to recycle for Carlisle at an event this Thursday (14 March) at Asda (Kingstown).

The Carlisle City Council recycling roadshow will be held between 10am and 1pm. City Council staff will be on hand to answer any recycling questions and will be handing out free goody bags to those who fill in a recycling survey.

Carlisle City Cllr Chris Southward, Portfolio holder for Environment and Transports, said: “We want to encourage people to recycle more using either their kerbside collections, at local recycling centres, donate unwanted white goods to Impact Furniture Services or smaller electrical items can be recycled at a Household Waste Recycling Centre – Carlisle or Brampton. Composting your waste is another way to reduce the impact on the environment and help your garden to grow.

“Carlisle residents have a great track record, but we are always striving to increase the amount of waste we recycle.”

Did you know?

  • Free recycling containers are available from the Civic Centre.
  • All the waste we collect from your green box, green bags or recycling bank is recycled here in the UK.
  • The vehicle we use may look like a bin wagon, but a partition down the middle separates the recyclable materials into different compartments, keeping them clean, which adds to their value. Glass, plastics, tins and cans are placed in one side of the partition and paper, cardboard and cartons in the other. At the recycling depot, the materials are unloaded and placed onto a conveyor belt and clever machinery sorts them ready for reprocessing.

Want to know about recycling in Carlisle, visit

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