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Carleton bid for first Green Councillor in Eden District

Doug Lawson

Penrith and Eden Green Party today announced that Doug Lawson will be standing as their candidate for Carleton Ward in the election for Eden District Council on 2nd May.

Doug lives on the north side of Penrith and has close family who live in Carleton. He works as a Customer Support Manager for a large software company. In his spare time, he is a school governor, a Scout leader, an active campaigner and a keen runner.  His son attends Ullswater Community College, his daughter is at Plumpton School and his wife works at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School.

Doug has been the Town Councillor for Carleton Ward since January 2017. During this time, he has worked tirelessly for the residents of Carleton, responding to local needs within the ward, including road and pavement maintenance, speeding, litter and dog-fouling, and improvements to play areas. He has worked on development of the Penrith Neighbourhood Plan, he is chair of Plastic Clever Penrith and is a member of Penrith Youth Panel.

Doug has also been a prominent campaigner on issues that affect people’s lives in the rest of Eden and beyond, from the proposed development on the Beacon, to cuts in school funding, the crisis in nursery provision, and the need for urgent action on climate change and protection of the natural environment.

Speaking about his campaign launch, Doug said “The Conservative ruling group in Eden District Council has lost public support with their proposed “Masterplan” for Penrith. Carleton Ward’s current Councillor is complicit in the Masterplan and I think they deserve better than that. People don’t want mass development for the sake of it, especially in places as sensitive as the Beacon. What they do want is confidence that our precious environment will be protected for future generations.

“It is clear that change is needed in Eden District Council and addition of a Green voice would ensure that vital issues of social and environmental justice would get on the agenda. Local authorities around the country are benefiting from an increasing number of Green Councillors. I am asking for the support of Carleton voters so that Eden District Council can follow suit.”

Eden District Council has one of the worst records in the country for uncontested seats in local elections. Six wards in Eden District have not been contested in the past 3 elections.

Speaking for Penrith and Eden Green Party, Chair Dick O’Brien said “Eden District is suffering from a real democratic deficit which inevitably leads to stagnation and the risk of poor decision-making. It is vital that more candidates stand in local elections and that the electorate support new blood. The Green Party will particularly try to put up candidates in wards that have had repeated uncontested elections so that voters have a choice.”

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