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Young artists prepare for a prestigious award at Whitehaven museum

Imogen Parr and Ava Hutchinson – getting down to creating the characters

BUDDING young artists are honing their skills, in preparation for a prestigious award, at The Beacon Museum, Whitehaven.

The harbourside museum’s Quantum Leap kids’ club is undergoing the nationally recognised Arts Award.

The Quantum Leap Club aims to support and develop each member to be creative, achieve leadership skills and work towards a national qualification.

The year’s programme is based around the challenge of completing Arts Award at Discover or Explore level.

As well as producing a portfolio of work the group is also exploring the world of animation by creating their very own unique film supported by the Haltwhistle Film Project.

Sam Carr and Marc McKiernan from the Haltwhistle Film Project – understanding how the equipment works

Arts Award aims to encapsulate each member’s different interests and ambitions, and respects individual development whilst supporting each member to define their own creative futures.

Each member will have to complete 20 hours over the year and pass the criteria for moderation.

Alan Gillon, Learning Officer at The Beacon Museum, said: “The members at the club have been fantastic at thinking creatively. They are demonstrating real skills in problem solving and are working as a team.

“The storyline and characters that they have developed so far for the film just show what a group of young people can achieve by working together.

“I can’t wait until the film is complete. I’m so proud of every one of them as some of the decisions they have had to make are about the end result and not always about the individual.”

For more information, contact The Beacon Museum on 01946 592302 or go to

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