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Brexit “mess” lambasted by MEP

Local MEP Paul Nuttall has furiously hit out at “the complete mess” Parliament is making of Brexit.

“This is an outright betrayal of democracy and I am absolutely appalled.

“A total of 17.4 million people in this country voted to leave the EU, no ifs or buts, they voted to leave and in 2017 the Conservative and Labour parties pledged to uphold the will of the people.

“And here we are two years later with those assurances not worth the paper they were written on. Most of our representatives at Westminster are still so out of the touch with the electorate and blatantly more concerned with their own interests than those of the nation.

“The Remain supporting MPs – who of course include Theresa May – have never wanted us to leave and have just paid lip service to respecting the Referendum vote. And meanwhile they had used every ploy to wriggle and twist to block it.

“A recent ComRes poll showed that by 44% to 30% voters would prefer to leave without a deal if concessions cannot be extracted from the EU but flying in the face of that MPs have now voted to reject a no-deal Brexit.

“The EU is not given to doling out concessions, as has been made very clear. It is all very well saying we can ask for an extension of Article 50 but that does not mean for a minute that the 27 states will nod that through, be it for three months or years.

“We are just two weeks from our leaving date and still no one knows what is actually going to happen. But one thing I predict is that if we do not leave on March 29 and Britain takes part in the EU elections this year there will be a political earthquake – the like of which we have never seen before.

“MPs have got used to treating voters as useful fools to get their backsides into the House of Commons but this betrayal of democracy will lead to them rueing the day that they ignored the will of the people,” said Mr Nuttall, Brexit Party North West MEP.

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