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Diabetes UK launches its first Befriending Circle in Cumbria

The leading health charity has launched the first diabetes befriending circle in Cumbria, to offer people with diabetes the chance to talk to others living with the condition.

The initiative will provide people living with or caring for someone with diabetes the opportunity to connect with someone who has also been affected by the condition. Diabetes UK will connect people based on their shared experiences and support will be made available either over the phone or via email.

The Diabetes UK Cumbria Befriending Circle is open to anyone affected by the condition in the area and the charity is encouraging people who would like to try it to get in touch.

Naomi, 40, a volunteer with the befriending circle, who has Type 1 diabetes said: “When I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes nearly 20 years ago it was hard to find anyone else my age in the same boat. Though diabetes can be managed effectively, it is still a very complicated condition and it would have really helped me to have talked it over with someone else living with it. When I heard about this initiative, I thought it would be nice to give something back and try to help someone else who might be struggling with diabetes.”

Clare Howarth, Head of the North of England at Diabetes UK said: “Cumbria is a large area with many isolated locations, making it harder for people to connect We would like to give people who are living or caring for someone with diabetes in the region the chance to receive support from someone else who knows what they are going through.

“Sometimes we all need to talk things over and being able to speak to someone else could mean the difference between a good day and a really tough one.”

To find out more about Diabetes UK’s Cumbria Befriending Circle email [email protected] or call 01925 653281.

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