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Cumbrian Rainbow gains badges in record time

Rainbow, Lily Fugler, 6, with her Ferris wheel

Constructing a Ferris wheel from little plastic beads and building an obstacle course in her home are only two of the unusual tasks which 6-year-old Lily Fugler undertook to complete all her Rainbow badges in record time.

Lily attends 2nd Ireleth with Askam Rainbows where unit leader Michelle Johnson introduced her charges to the 12 exciting interest badges which Girlguiding made available in their new programme last year.

Lily decided to have a go at the lot: “I wanted to do them all to try out different things.”

Thus she explained to her friends how she looks after her Guinea pigs and created a colourful rainbow out of fresh fruit for her unit to try. For her agility badge she led her unit in warming up before exercise routines, as well as transforming the front room at home into an obstacle course. Her interest in recycling took her to “Cut the Wrap” in Ulverston and for her construction badge she made a fairground wheel out of Hama beads.

Having sped her way through 12 badges between September and Christmas she is now working towards her Gold Award, which should keep her busy until she joins Brownies in May – with lots of new badges to aim for after that.

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