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Man sentenced to eight years for non-recent sexual offences and coercive and controlling behaviour

Scott Webb

A man who subjected two young girls to sexual abuse more than a decade ago has been brought to justice – and jailed for eight years (followed by three on licence).

Scott Webb, 28, of no fixed abode, is now facing a lengthy stretch in custody after being sentenced at Preston Crown Court sitting at Burnley Combined Court.

Webb abused two girls in Barrow more than a decade ago.

He becomes the latest offender to face justice for non-recent offences following investigations by Cumbria Constabulary officers.

In addition to the sexual offence charges, Webb has also been sentenced today for separate coercive and controlling behaviour offences. The prosecution for this offence following extensive work by professionals to safeguard the victim.

Webb received a custodial sentence of seven years, five months for the sexual assaults offences and one year and seven months custodial sentence for the controlling and coercive behaviour.

The sentence was welcomed by Detective Sergeant Rebecca Joseph, who paid tribute to the bravery of the sexual abuse victims.

The case was a complex investigation that was pursued over time before charges were brought against Webb.

In police interview, he denied carrying out the offences.

But he was sentenced after admitting charges to the offences.

Talking about the sexual abuse offences, Detective Sergeant Joseph said: “I am so pleased these victims have received justice.

“The bravery, resilience and determination they have shown throughout this complex four year investigation has been exceptional.

“I hope this sentencing will help to provide both victims with a resolve to move on from this horrific chapter of their lives.

“It was through the ongoing commitment to justice of the victims and the officers who investigated this that this dangerous man has been taken off of the streets.

Sergeant Joseph continued with comment on the cohesive and controlling behaviour: “This case was challenging and complex and involved a lot of hard work by all involved.

“Due to the vulnerability of the victim, we were reliant solely on third party reports to build a strong case for Webb’s unacceptable treatment of the victim.

“I would like to thank all the professionals, third party reporting from the public and officers who raised concerns regarding the welfare of Webb’s victim, and then supported the investigation through to prosecution.

“Today’s sentencing behaviour sends a clear message to offenders, if you are controlling someone else, someone will notice, and we will work hard to bring you to justice. I hope this is also encouraging to concerned professions and friends and family alike, if you have concerns report them to police, we will take concerns seriously, and they will be investigated appropriately.”

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