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Domestic Abuse Champions being trained across local businesses

Cumbria Constabulary, spear headed by Detective Superintendent Vicki Ellis, are holding events across Cumbria to train Domestic Abuse Champions within local businesses.

A number of businesses signed up, to have employers trained as ‘DA Champions’. This followed a series of DA awareness events the Constabulary held last year. Last year’s events highlighted the responsibilities for employers to support their staff who may be affected by Domestic Abuse. These events are designed to educated DA champions on recognising the signs of abuse and how they could best support victims.

Training events are being held across Cumbria with the next one being held in West Cumbria on Thursday (21st).

The events have been supported by the Chamber of Commerce and Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership.

Detective Superintendent Vicki Ellis, said: “Sadly domestic abuse continues to be prevalent across Cumbria with many cases not being reported to police. This crime unfortunately affects men and women and there are no typical victims or perpetrators.

“Some victims will attempt to hide the signs of abuse from family members, friends and work colleagues. As many people spend a significant amount of time at work, partnering with employers on this is a strong, relevant and positive alliance. I am incredibly pleased with the response we have had from employers across Cumbria and their support has been amazing.

“The training that we are providing to Champions will empowering colleagues and employers to openly talk about this important issue which can raise awareness and encourage open discussion.

“By ending any misplaced stigma we hope to encourage victims to come forward to their DA Champion, they won’t be judged, there is no shame in being a victim of DA. I won’t to continue to work with the people of Cumbria to get the word out that this type of abuse won’t be tolerated, and by talking about it support and help is available.

“I would like to thank all the businesses who have supported this initiative to date, with special thanks to Chief Executive Ian Frost from Allerdale District Council, Shirley Fawcett Head of Public Affairs and Alan Rankin People Transformation Lead from Sellafield Nuclear who have been early supporters and adopters of this innovative approach to tackling Domestic Abuse. They have also worked on developing their own DA policy’s and offering training to staff and supported through dedicated DA champions.”

The event training will covers:

  • The signs of abuse
  • Developing practical skills to spot the signs
  • How to best support those who are affected by DA
  • Signposting to specialist support services
  • Raising awareness and reducing the stigma to enable early intervention and positive outcomes

Cumbria’s Police and Crime Commissioner Peter McCall said: “The police are doing some excellent work together with partners across the county to address domestic abuse and to support victims and establishing the network of domestic abuse champions across the county,  businesses and employers are key players and I am really grateful that so many have become engaged in these events.

“Nobody should have to suffer domestic abuse and there is help available and I continue to encourage victims to seek help.”

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