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Penrith police issue warning over antisocial behaviour

Police in Penrith are warning that action will be taken against young people carrying out antisocial behaviour in and around the town’s Sainsbury’s store and car park.

Officers are continuing to receive complaints from the public about groups of youths congregating and causing a nuisance, with reports of intimidating and antisocial behaviour.

Police are working closely with Sainsbury’s, which is proactively banning youths from the store who have been causing problems.

Officers have issued a number of warning notices preventing youths from being on the New Squares complex.

Police are warning if they don’t comply it may result in further action being taken against them.

The constabulary has in the past worked to address complaints about driving issues in the undercover car park.

But this seems to be causing a problem again, with residents becoming increasingly frustrated with speeding and sometimes dangerous driving.

Police have prosecuted a number of people for vehicle offences, such as causing excessive noise, driving without due care and attention, using mobile phones while driving, exhaust and speeding offences.

Inspector Jo Walker said: “Local residents are making their feelings known to Sainsbury’s and ourselves about the effect these young people are having on their lives. We are working with Sainsbury’s in order to find a solution.

“I would like to issue a stark warning to the youths who are causing misery to local residents that we will continue to take action against you and do our best to improve the current situation.

“We will look to prosecute repeat offenders when they are committing offences and will look at all options available to us.

“We would be interested to hear from any local youth groups or activities that could be offered to the youths to divert them away from this current antisocial behaviour.”

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